letting go of what might have been

She collected dreams the way some gather seashells.
Walking along the coast of her life, she watched the waves crash down and waited for the tide to roll out. Her heart open, the woman searched. Carefully sifting through goals and intentions, she picked up the prettiest ones. Glimmering hopes and future fantasies jingled in the pocket of her pink skirt.
She remembered a time when her knuckles were white from gripping onto what might have been. Thinking back, she held her breath tight and felt the what ifs and how comes of her darker hours. Questions, worries and wishes used to rain down on her without mercy. She stumbled and wandered through the dark. Her heart was heavy and filled with fear.
Understanding came with time. Answers unfolded with perspective. She realized that focusing on the past brought more of the same. Worrying, wondering, and wishing distracted her from the magic of ordinary moments. She learned not to question things beyond her control. She learned to exhale, to let go, to look forward.
She collected dreams the way some gather seashells. With love and compassion for herself and those whom she would never meet, the woman whispered her dreams to the wind.


  1. I love this! And I have that picture hanging in my closet on my inspiration board :)

  2. Ahhh...this is beautiful Ariel. Wonderful words to live by.